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I, I shall ache no more. This soreness is now aborted; no more shall it darken my door. I cast you out, tortured genius! Wretched spawn of my own twisted machinery!  Wicked I name thee! Your name stains my tongue like bitter black ink; like broken promises before a cosmic void. I pray you suffocate in space. Erased, displaced, afraid of me; the nightmare in your dreams. Your screams and cries will pay the price a hundred times before I let you go to sleep.
I know its been a few month since I've posted anything but I am going to write or draw something today if it kills me!
Well I just might take too long, and
I just might not be what you expected.
A million and one witty puns, a thousand cigarette burns, and a dozen hollow
Hallmark cards mark your hollow heart.
I want to be left alone.
Away from your acid tongue;
Your accusing eyes and that shit-eating smile.
I'd drown you a hundred times for one night of peace.

Oh, you spiked the punch all right.
You slipped right in my spinning mind,
Bringing lies and will-o’-wisp whispers
Leading me astray as if it were a game;
You left me in this coal pit for the soul, and
Frankly I’m sickened, you twisted bitch.
Which words will you twist to get the
Red off your hands this time?
You can’t hide from me
I see every crack in your porcelain heart.

Replay the scene for all of time,
But I still won't thank you for filling my mind with poison
And my cup with bitter discord.
You were so bright on the horizon,
But now I see that you're a fallen star;
At best, you're Lucifer (but not half as humble)
Swallowing suns whole and spitting up bones.

So here I stand; atop this city,
Above the streets.
Watching insects buzz about.
I envy their mindless days;
My mind burns black, fueled by hate
Darker than pitch; sharper than knives.
I want to give you nerve gas kisses;
Hand grenade hugs.
You will not go unscathed.

I will haunt your dreams.
Visions of terror will dance
Through your tiny mind, in the
Dead black night.
I will tear your sanity out from beneath you;
You will plunge into the abyssal darkness.
And there, in the deepest and darkest corner of your mind, the real hell begins.
That’s when you’ll realize
You’re not alone down there.
Unforsure where he went, and really worried. I hope my sweet baby's okay...


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Never sold a single fucking one. But I still hope that someday, someone might be willing to pay a small sum for the pleasure of having my art to display in their own home. *sighs* Someday.


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