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Yesterday was pleasant.
It took me by surprise, to be honest.
It's just been so long since things have felt this... okay.
This calm and settled and normal.
It's like my head's gone quiet. As if all those whispering anxieties, haunting memories, and soul-crushing regrets have gone home.
I laughed when I fell into bed last night. I couldn't stop myself. And even now, I couldn't tell you exactly why I was laughing.
Maybe it was a celebration of ten thousand steel talons of doubt finally relaxing their hold on me, letting me breathe deep and see clearly again.
Whatever it was, I laughed myself to sleep and I slumbered like stone.

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This is fucking cancer. I could projectile vomit a quart of mercury straight in your terrified brown eyes; bleed bleach all over your fragile bits and pieces until there's nothing left of either of us. But it wouldn't be enough. I could rip a match across a book, fill up a super soaker with diesel, and bathe your ugly fucking neighborhood in flames. Scorch out every memory. Drown every traitor, every insincere cunt, every runt too afraid to take a stand. They could wither at my hand. They could suffer. YOU could suffer, suffer for how you just disappeared.

But what'd be the use? It wouldn't fix what you broke.
I just wish you knew how much you hurt me.
Raven, Sparrow, Knife and Arrow;
Slash their eyes and rot their marrow.
Candle, Bell, Flame and Flood;
Flay their skin and boil their blood.
Fang and Claw; no Stitch will mend;
Their broken bodies in the end.
Ghosts drift up from the cellar floor
Hiding secrets old as dust, old as bones.
Their screams, now only whispers
Won't keep me awake for even a single night.

Ghosts beckon from the forest.
Deep in the trees I find their graves,
Their forgotten stone homes.
I can feel them in my teeth; such old souls,
And yet they remember everything.

Ghosts visit me in my dreams.
Far away, in space they come to me
Wearing masks.
Nobody remembers the dead.


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Never sold a single fucking one. But I still hope that someday, someone might be willing to pay a small sum for the pleasure of having my art to display in their own home. *sighs* Someday.


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